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Fakhoury said that a key part of the implementation of these measures in the next phase will focus on the approval of the draft law on bankruptcy, and the draft law on the transfer of debt, in addition to the real estate law project, all transferred from the government to Parliament after the endorsement of the law of unification of national inspection in the session of the year The report listed a number of strengths displayed by the Jordanian economy, including the ease to get electricity, to register a property, to trade across borders and, to a certain extent, to pay taxes.

The survey also bases assumptions on the legal form of the business, size, location, and nature of its operations. Socialising Jordanians are famous for their hospitable spirit and friendly nature, and this extends to business dealings.

Doing Business does not cover all the regulation, or all the regulatory requirements. InDoing Business covered regulations measured from June through May Several regional and sub-national studies have been carried out using the Doing Business methodology to assess variations within countries and regions across different cities, including sub-national studies for countries like BrazilMexico and Colombia and regional studies for the Caribbeanthe Arab World, Bulgaria and other south eastern European countries.

These assumptions generated some criticisms especially by countries that were able to complete one or more procedures simultaneously and could therefore be penalized in the final rank.

Over the previous decade, the reports recorded nearly 2, regulatory reforms implemented by economies.

Ease of doing business index

World Bank claimed that the same criteria are applied to all economies and therefore would not produce biased results. World Bank partially reviewed the criteria inserting a new assumption for telematics procedures: Lower barriers to start-up are associated with a smaller informal sector.

For details on the procedures reflected here, see the summary below. Other studies that are also used to measure competitiveness and recognized as business enabling environment ranking systems are the Global Competitiveness Indexthe Index of Economic Freedomand the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, among others.

The DB has acknowledged the limitation of getting data from one city to give information and a ranking valid for all the country. Gender equality Women are underrepresented in the workplace in Jordan, but expat women report that this doesn't seem to impact much on doing business as a woman in the country.

Some highlighted findings of the DB are: Dress Jordanian businesspeople are well dressed and expats should follow their example.

Doing business in Jordan — unsatisfactory progress

However, the ministry cannot be blamed for the underperformance and the slow pace of progress given that it has no line of authority over government entities and national stakeholders in charge of legislating and executing reforms. Romer apologised to Chilesaying that the former director of the group responsible for the index had repeatedly manipulated its methodology, unfairly penalising the country's rankings during the administration of left-wing President Michelle Bachelet.

The planning minister stressed that the ministry is following up on the procedures with various concerned bodies and providing the prime ministry with periodic reports on the progress of business in reforming the system in improving the index of doing business.

Contents[ edit ] Inthe study contains quantitative measures of regulations for starting a businessdealing with construction permitsemploying workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investorstaxestrading across bordersenforcing contractsgetting an electricity connection and closing a business.

The next step of gathering data surveys of over 12, expert contributors lawyers, accountants etc.

Ease of doing business index (1=most business-friendly regulations)

There is no minimum capital requirement. Business hours are usually 8: The ranking of economies on the ease of getting electricity is determined by sorting their distance to frontier scores for getting electricity. Doing Business Going Beyond Efficiency Comparing Business regulations for domestiC firms in eConomies A World Bank Group Flagship Report Bank Group’s Doing Business report is an annual statement of the state of the nuts and bolts of economies around the world and, as such, is one of.

Doing Business in Jordan. Jordan is strategically positioned at the crossroads of the MENA region, close to Europe Asia, and Africa.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is only one of two Arab countries to have signed a peaces agreement with Israel and is the first Arab country to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, penned in Doing Business records 8 reforms in India making it easier to do business.

Jordan gains 15 places in 'doing business' world report

It is also the only economy in South Asia to be part of the global list of the 10 top improvers this year. It is also the only economy in South Asia to be part of the global list of the 10 top improvers this year.

This page summarizes Doing Business data for Jordan. It includes rankings, data for key regulations and comparisons with other economies. procedure list for men and women, the graph shows the time for women.

For more information on methodology, see the Doing Business website REPORT FRAUD OR CORRUPTION.

Doing business in Jordan — unsatisfactory progress

Jordan in the Doing Business Report The Doing Business report was released in October, The Report ranked Jordan out of countries with a DTF score of %.

The table below shows Jordan's ranking and scores for the ten indicators: Indicator Doing Business Jordan Page 2. About Doing Business The project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across economies and selected Doing Business The first report, published incovered 5 indicator sets .

Doing business report jordan
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